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Girls Gone Strong!!!

South “Wicked” Strong

Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Southwick Tolland Regional High School
Contact Joe Hough about price

New Youth Field Hockey Program!!!!!!

With the help of some local businesses and some great coaches, we were able to help the Southwick Rec. Center start their very first youth field hockey team.  Hopefully we can expand into different age groups and we will see the results at the high school level for years to come!!!

Here are some examples of programs that we would like to start very soon.  We could use help in planning and funding these programs.  We are looking for official sponsors for these programs. Interested in helping? Please contact us though via email.

We would like to work with each high school coaching staff to see if there are ways we can assist them.  This could be help with equipment or funds to support assistant coaches.  High school programs would then in turn work with our in-town Rec Center players and coaches by providing trainings and camps. Everyone wins!

Wicked “Strong Girls”   This program will involve a partnership with NHS students at the high school.  The NHS students will serve as strong female role models for younger girls in our district.  We will provide opportunities both in and out of school for the group to bond and learn about developing strong a self-image and confidence.

We would like to help start some new youth programs either through the Rec. Center or maybe even as middle school clubs for sports we have at the high school level.  Sports like volleyball, field hockey, golf and others are offered at the high school but have no “feeder” programs at the youth level.  We would like to help these programs by developing teams or trainings for these sports with the assistance of the high school coaches.

T-ball Carnival: The SSFN with a partnership with the wonderful students of the NHS program at the high school, offered a free carnival to young kids at the Rec. Center.  This was offered to help induce this sport to young kids and help the Rec Center promote their sport.  The goal would be to work with all Rec. Center sports to promote their wonderful programs.

Ram Sport Camps:  We would like to offer summer mini-camps with the help of High School coaches to introduce their sport to young players.  With the help of SSFN, we want these camps to be more affordable  than any camps in our area to support the families our of district.

Southwick Rec. and S.S.F.N. “mini camps”  The Southwick Rec. Center in cooperation with S.S.F.N. is offering ‘mini-camps” this summer.  Two softball camps have be announced already, fielding and hitting camps for young players in our towns.   The cost for most camps will be cheaper than any other camps in our area, and in some cases all most half the cost.  The is because of the relationship that the two programs have and with the help of donation for people and businesses in the area. Hopefully more camps to come!!!